Too Many Cookbooks

My husband tried to tell me I have too many cookbooks. Well ain’t that the fisherman callin’ the baker crazy? I’ve seen his tackle boxES. I decided, all on my own, with no influence from the hungry fisherman, to actually cook recipes from some of these cookbooks. I told my daughter this idea and she said “I’m just going to flip to a random page and cook that”. Sounds like a great plan to me. I’m in. We grabbed a stack of cookbooks, started flippin’ pages and decorated them with sticky-notes. So, that’s my resolution this year. I’ll let ya know in December how it all turns out. If you can’t wait that long (you are probably an “orange”) ride along with us on our culinary adventure. My plan is to post one new recipe per week. With time off for planting, harvesting, county fair, farm marketing, baby chicks, you know… farm stuff.


This is just the tip of the iceburg, as they say. What you can’t see are the hundreds of cookbooks in the cabinets below.

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