Secret Seven Layer Casserole

Does every family serve ribbon jell-o for the holidays? Ours surely does. My mom starts days in advance to make her ribbon jell-o, layer by layer, for every single holiday dinner; Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July… I modified her recipe just a bit, because some family get-togethers require bourbon. And because sometimes, for no reason special, we […]

Christmas Salad

In our family, no holiday dinner is complete without Jell-o. With over 20 different foods on the buffet table, my kids heap their plates with mashed potatoes & Jell-o. I suppose the same could be said for a potluck. It’s pretty much expected that someone will clean out her cupboard and pack it all into a Jell-o mold. I […]

Harper Valley PTA Ambrosia Salad

I modified the recipe for Ambrosia Loaf from my little Joy of Jell-o book. I added rum because, well, I like it. If you too like piña coladas, you might like this. Why the name? Sometimes songs just get stuck in my head. Such is the case today. Can’ t you just see those Harper Valley hypocrites bringing this Jell-O salad to […]