Not Your Granny’s Fruitcake

  If you’ve never tried fruitcake because you feared the horror stories, or you’ve tasted store-bought fruitcake that should have been sold as a boat anchor, I’ve got a surprise for you; a fruitcake that actually tastes good! To keep the fruitcake from drying out and becoming our next doorstop, I soak the dried fruit in Polish vodka. I’ve heard […]

Christmas Salad

In our family, no holiday dinner is complete without Jell-o. With over 20 different foods on the buffet table, my kids heap their plates with mashed potatoes & Jell-o. I suppose the same could be said for a potluck. It’s pretty much expected that someone will clean out her cupboard and pack it all into a Jell-o mold. I […]

Vernors Punch

For those of you unlucky souls who weren’t raised in Michigan, you’re missing out on the best pop in the nation. As kids, our mothers cured all our ills with Vernors. Vernors (at least in our minds) could cure everything from the common cold to getting smacked in the face by a branch while snowmobiling without a […]