Aloha Banana Bread

I don’t often make New Year’s resolutions because, let’s face it, if I was an organized person I would not need a resolution to keep me in line. No amount of lecturing to myself will result in an OCD organizing queen with shelf labels in the linen closet & properly alphabetized spice racks. I have my sticky-notes and that […]

Apple Bread Pudding

It’s common knowledge, at least among us gluten-free moms, that gluten-free bread is expensive; at least compared to its wheat-filled cousin. I usually buy Udi’s for my kids’ sandwiches. When it’s toasted, it makes great sandwiches. It holds-up to bacon, lettuce & tomatoes like a champ. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes full of holes so big the jelly oozes out […]

12 Yummy Gluten Free Holiday Breads!

  Holidays seem to be the hardest time for anyone eating gluten free, but no worries – I assure you that your meals can still be tasty and full of variety! This collection of 12 Yummy Gluten Free Breads are part of my 144 Gluten Free Mix and Match Holiday Recipe Guide, coming soon… Recipe Allergy […]

Gluten Free Cheese Crescent Rolls

*Note: This recipe requires the dough to sit overnight before baking. I found this recipe in my Great-Grandma’s recipe box. I only made a few changes to make it gluten free. I used King Arthur gluten free bread & pizza crust mix. There was just over 3 cups flour in the box. To make up […]