Apple Bread Pudding

It’s common knowledge, at least among us gluten-free moms, that gluten-free bread is expensive; at least compared to its wheat-filled cousin. I usually buy Udi’s for my kids’ sandwiches. When it’s toasted, it makes great sandwiches. It holds-up to bacon, lettuce & tomatoes like a champ. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes full of holes so big the jelly oozes out […]

Apple Crisp

A classic recipe gets a gluten-free makeover. Next time, I’ll fill the dish with apples. As many as it will hold.Feel free to use any size pan and pack it full of apples or a mixture of apples & rhubarb. Apples & cherries. Whatever you have floating around. Double the topping for a 9×13 pan. ingredients: […]


Gluten Free Sour Cream Apple Pie

Here is another amazing recipe from Great-Grandma’s recipe box. I used my own gluten free crust, but any gluten-free pie crust will do. I keep a mix of equal parts white rice, millet and tapioca flours for cases when I need just a bit of flour. I used this mixture to replace the flour in the […]

Gluten-Free Applesauce Doughnuts

This year we have a bumper crop off apples. Which is nice since last year I think we had 2. As in 2 apples. This year, the kids & I collected about 100 lbs of apples from the ground. Most of them ended up as pig food, but we did get a good batch for […]