Pyrex Turns 100

  Pyrex Primary Set May brings the 100th birthday of my favorite obsession, Pyrex. May is also Celiac awareness month. To celebrate the beautiful collaboration of Pyrex and gluten free cooking, I will (if all goes well) post 15 of my favorite gluten free recipes using Pyrex bakeware of all shapes & sizes! As I add recipes and dishes, I’ll list them here.

When you find out you need to “stick” to a gluten free diet, you learn quickly that you must replace many of your cooking tools for fear of contamination. I have good news, you do not have to replace your Pyrex! Pyrex is made of glass & is non-porous. That’s why glass is used for canning and preserving. Odors, stains and gluteny glues can’t stick to it like they can plastic or even metal. (OK, unless you have the lids. In which case, use your best judgement.) Baked-on food scrubs right out, with no need for steel wool or coarse abrasives.

Vintage Pyrex is even beautiful. Come on, you know we all have one. Or two. Some people have so much Pyrex, they need to be featured on the hoarders TV show. Not me, of course, but others.

*** I started this project with the plan to post 15 recipes (1915-2015) but as with my Pyrex addiction, I ran out of self-control & now have 22 recipes. Enjoy! ***

If you want to immerse yourself in an online, Pyrex education, I’ve listed a few resources at the bottom of this page.

1 pink blue 2 qt casserole  

024 – 2 quart round casserole, flamingo (pink) 1953-1957, turquoise late 1950s

  • I use my 9×13 Pyrex baking dish for nearly everything. I roast chickens in it, use it for SCALLOPED POTATOES, ASPARAGUS AND EGG CASSEROLE, and occasionally even bake a cake in it. If I could have only one piece of Pyrex, it would be this one.
  • I do like fried chicken, regardless of the calories. What I don’t like about it, is cleaning up the mess. I much prefer OVEN FRIED CHICKEN. This recipe came from the Pyrex cookbook, with a minor modification to make it gluten-free.
  • When my son started eating gluten free, he missed his macaroni and cheese the most. Before I found a gluten free noodle I liked, I used potatoes. This recipe for POTATO KIELBASA CASSEROLE is an oldie (for use) but still a favorite.
  • Continuing on with the “bake anything in a Pyrex cake pan” theme, here’s a tasty, meatless recipe for LASAGNA. It takes a while to put together, but totally worth the effort.
  • OK, can’t say I didn’t warn ya, here’s a GOLABKI recipe baked in, yep you guessed it, the 9×13 Pyrex.

9x13 pyrex  

233-R, 3 quart, 9×13 casserole dish 

  • My mom has always made SNOWY MASHED POTATOES for every holiday. It’s the one dish we all beg for. Not pie or roast turkey or even jell-o, but mashed potatoes. Ok, there is more dairy in the bowl than vegetables, but they taste so good!

4 quart pyrex 404  

404 – 4 quart mixing bowl, the brown is Old Orchard, part of a set from 1974

  • Whip us a little COLESLAW to pair with your chicken and potatoes and you’ve got the makings of a great picnic!

woodland 402  

402 – 1 1/2 quart, Woodland 1978

3 pie plates

209, 229 – 10″ pie plate 1920s-current

If Hawaii can have a signature punch, we should have a MICHIGAN PUNCH flavored with rhubarb, apples and strawberries. One batch fits nicely in the 2 quart juice pitcher, but feel free to double or quadruple the recipe for your next bonfire.

pyrex juice pitcher

Juice Pitcher with lemon slices – early 1980s

  • I rarely use the loaf pan for bread. Gluten free bread is a pain to cook full-size. I usually bake my gf bread in mini loaves. This clear loaf pan is perfect for jell-o salads though; they look so pretty in it. If you like piña coladas, you may like this retro Jell-O recipe for AMBROSIA LOAF.

1 loaf

214 – clear glass loaf pan, 1915-1935

8x8 pyrex  

222-R – 8×8 square cake pan, tinted clear Fireside 1977

  • Pasta salad is a classic, summertime dish. I’ve tried to make it a little healthier with this TUNA PASTA SALAD, in the 1 1/2 quart #402 bowl. It’s full of veggies, meat, and gluten-free noodles. Really, it could pass for a light, summer meal instead of just a side dish. To keep it cold, just fill a larger Pyrex bowl with ice and nest the smaller bowl in the ice.

1 4 primary set

primary bowls set 1940s

  • My refrigerator has been taken over by eggs. Literally. There isn’t room for another thing. I cooked up a batch of this BACON & EGG SALAD and just keep  it in the fridge for a quick sandwich. I guess while I’m at it, I should probably double (or quadruple) the recipe.

refrig dish 502B Pyrex  

502B – refrigerator bowl (part of a set that I wish I had but don’t. Yet 🙂

Depending on how many BAKED APPLES you want, you could use most any size baking dish. The Pyrex cake pan fits 4-5 apples nicely. 

cake pan lime  

221 – round cake pan, lime 1953-1956

ASPARAGUS & HARD-BOILED EGG SALAD (or any salad) can be tossed in a standard mixing bowl.

pyrex butterprint white blue

Butterprint bowl set – 1957

This little Starburst casserole dish was originally sold with a lid and metal warming stand, but that stuff is long gone. It’s still a beautiful little decoration in the kitchen, as well as the perfect baking dish for APPLE CRISP.

2qt 575-b pyrex starburst

575-B – 2 quart Starburst 1960

Cinderella bowls come in many sizes. They make great bowls for NACHO DIP and chips.

1 2 cinderella

Cinderella bowls with spout handles – 1958

  • I love these little casserole bowls. They’re nice for a little side dish or even just fruit salad. I’ve made 2 variations of a CRUSTLESS QUICHE, using either the 1 pint or 1 1/2 pint casserole dishes.
  • If you’re looking for a way to sneak more veggies into your kids, try the CREAMY, CHEESY SPINACH CASSEROLE, baked in #472, the 1 1/2 pint casserole dish.
  • It would seem I have an addiction to healthy green vegetables smothered in cheese. I blame it on my Polish great-grandma. Well, ’tis the season for CHEESY ASPARAGUS in Michigan. 

1 & 1 1-2 pint bowls

471 – 1  pint casserole, town & country 1963-67

472 – 1 ½ pint casserole, town & country 1963-67

Mine are quite faded, there is a better picture, plus tons of research on Pyrex patterns, here – (one caveat, I could and did get lost in this website for a few days).

While it doesn’t have a Pyrex label, this Corning Ware, 4 quart Dutch oven is pretty much the same thing. It’s nice for braising meat, roasting whole chickens, and for PORK ROAST IN HARD CIDER. Yep, mine is missing the lid.

corning 4 quart

Corning Ware B-4 – 1964 to 1969

Looking for a little history of Pyrex and their wares? Check this out! Oh wait, there’s even more over here! And here!


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