Chick Diary Day 1


I got a call from the post office at 7 this morning. The chicks are here!

I dropped the kids off at their bus stop, came home to change from pajamas to jeans & drove off into the sunrise to pick up my chicks. I snuck up to the back door of the post office & rang the bell. When she opened the door, I could hear all the little peepers peeping. That’s the sound of happy chicks.

I ordered 50 chicks last week. The hatchery shipped them yesterday & they arrived at the post office in less than 24 hours. I try to order from our closest hatchery because there is less chance of opening a box of dead chicks. The farther they travel, the longer they are cold & the more stressed they get.


I hope they shipped all 50 chicks because I didn’t do a beak count. It looks like a good-size batch, so we’re good. I should have counted as I put them in the box. Oops. I was mostly concerned with dead chickies and there were none. Yay!


I hung a heat lamp over them & they huddled together, knocking each other over. They were too cold. I added a second lamp, so they had room to split into groups.

They stretched out & fell asleep. Now we’ve got some happy little chicks!


Most hatcheries will tell you to dip the new chick’s beaks in their water & food, so they know where it is. I’ve never had a problem with broilers finding food or water. These creatures were born to do one thing & on thing only – eat. O.K. 2 things – eat & poop.

It took them all of 2 seconds to find the water.

Once the first chick found food, they all followed. one. two. three. ten.

Turkeys are another story. They were bred to be stupid. They can’t find food or water & are much more likely to die in transport than chicks. If they survive transport, they stare blankly at the feed or crawl right into the water fount & get chilled. Turkeys are like toddlers, you gotta keep an eye on them 24/7.

Little Chicken 24 hour update – All chicks are still alive. They emptied their feed bowl & drank a half gallon of water. What goes in, must come out. There’s poop in the pen, so I’d say we’re doing ok.

When chicks are warm, fed & content, they will sometimes stretch out under the heat lamp for a little nap. He may look dead, but once he hears the camera click, he will pop right up like a chick in the box.


To see pics of the chicks outside, wander over to this page.


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