Happy Mother’s Day


I am not a farmer and I am far from what most (including myself) would consider a “Belle” but I have been lured into the Farm Belles world via the world of my sister’s – the true Farm Belles – as a “Behind the Scenes Belle.” I live over a thousand miles away from either of their “farmsteads” but they call on me for marketing and technical support as needed. I call on them when my DIY home project plans fail (and they always do) or when a cooking emergency arises and I need to know where to find mung beans at the grocery store. (Let me clarify, I call solely on Corinne for the cooking emergencies. Hollie gets my calls on how to dispose of wood dust and how much do I owe on my taxes.)

Regardless of what my need of the day is, I know I can count on my sisters and I know they are happy to provide the answer – usually with an off the wall joke thrown in. I am thankful for them every day and proud of them in every way – especially for them coming around to the greener side of life ;). As a “mother” to only four-legged children with tails I am awed at the ability of my sisters to juggle their many roles as the mother’s of my amazing seven nieces and nephews that I miss tremendously – 4-H leaders, sports chauffeurs, educators, crisis counselors, landlords, seamstresses, chefs, and stand up comedians are a few of the roles they play along with being entrepreneurs, wives, aunts, daughters, friends and of course employees of their “real” jobs and the best sisters ever.

Happy Mother’s Day to my sisters, the Belles of my life.

-Love Laurie

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