Hunter’s Chicken

  When you’re seeking out new recipes, there’s no need to stick with “gluten free” cookbooks. Most cookbooks have recipes for naturally gluten free dishes or can easily be adapted to make them gluten free. Honestly, I’ve had better luck transforming Granny’s old recipes into gluten free than any “gluten free” recipe I’ve found on the internet. […]

Recipe Index

All recipes are GLUTEN FREE (I mix my own, but most any all-purpose gluten free flour will work) DAIRY FREE Gluten & Dairy-Free Mini Doughnuts Applesauce Cake with Lemon Frosting Gluten Free and Dairy Free Scalloped Potatoes Bacon & Egg Salad Tuna Pasta Salad Coleslaw Herb and Bacon Roasted Potatoes Herbs & Cabbage Granny’s Gołąbki Pork […]

Peach Ice Cream

Today’s recipe will be short & sweet, without much commentary because life has been a little chaotic around here. Well, with 4 kids & a yard full of animals it’s never dull, but this week has been exceptionally “fun-filled”. I found this recipe in Great-Grandma’s recipe box and the directions are super easy. The only thing […]

Chocolate Fudge Cake

I’m breaking out the Betty Crocker Boys & Girls Cookbook today. I don’t know what year this one is. It’s missing half the pages. But, it still has the recipe for chocolate cake & that’s the most important anyway.

Nacho Dip

Today’s recipe is short & sweet, quick & easy, because honestly, I feel like I’m nearing the end of a month-long cooking marathon & I’m running out of gusto. I’ve probably spent more time typing up this recipe than I did actually making the dip. Never fear, it passed my taste test. I may be […]

Apple Crisp

A classic recipe gets a gluten-free makeover. Next time, I’ll fill the dish with apples. As many as it will hold.Feel free to use any size pan and pack it full of apples or a mixture of apples & rhubarb. Apples & cherries. Whatever you have floating around. Double the topping for a 9×13 pan. ingredients: […]

Spaghetti Pie

I’ve seen quite a few recipes for spaghetti pie floating around Pinterest. They do look tasty, but most include cream of this-or-that soup and fake cheese. To quote Amy Poehler “Good for her, not for me.” I’m not claiming this is a totally healthy meal, I just draw the line a canned soup & “not cheese”. […]

Pyrex Turns 100

  May brings the 100th birthday of my favorite obsession, Pyrex. May is also Celiac awareness month. To celebrate the beautiful collaboration of Pyrex and gluten free cooking, I will (if all goes well) post 15 of my favorite gluten free recipes using Pyrex bakeware of all shapes & sizes! As I add recipes and dishes, I’ll […]

Tuna Pasta Salad

I know, I know, tuna noodle salad looks gross. Hey, it’s hard to make tuna salad look pretty. I promise, it tastes better than it looks. Use the best ingredients possible for a tasty tuna salad. I have never in my life liked canned tuna. Until I tried Wild Planet Tuna. There are a lot of benefits […]

Oven Fried Chicken

I found this recipe for Chicken A La Maryland in my little Pyrex cookbook from 1953. It’s a great oven-fried chicken recipe. Perfect for a picnic with plenty of leftovers for sandwiches.