Wolf Creek Pass Roast Chicken

If your daddy ever drove a truck, you’ve probably heard of C.W. McCall. If not, google him. He wrote songs about driving his semi across the country. My sister & I used to sing Wolf Creek Pass ALL THE TIME, back when Dad’s stereo played 8 track tapes. We just thought the idea of chickens flying […]

Gluten Free Fruit Pizza

I made-up this fruit pizza after discovering my son is terribly intolerant of gluten. I was digging through old cookbooks to find a “crust” recipe that I could adapt as gluten-free. I ended up modifying an old cookie recipe and it worked great.     We had no fresh fruit when I posted the recipe, but […]

Raspberry Lemonade

If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to “pink lemonade powdered drink”, you’ve come to the right place. I make this for my kids, who happen to LOVE pink lemonade. It makes a nice summertime drink, but I made it today because its pink. I thought it would look nice with pretty pink pancakes for Valentine’s Day. It only […]

Spring Skillet

I made this recipe to sell more kale at the Farm Market. I called it spring skillet, because we most often make it in the spring, when our hens are laying plenty of eggs, the kale is tastiest and the wild leeks are abundant. Wild leeks, also called ramps, are not the ones you buy at the […]