Almost Wordless Wednesday

before (scrap wood under the shack) after wife gets a brainstorm & hubby gets out his power tools

What’s in a Farm Belles Name?

She makes the best food and she makes it from scratch When her jeans get a hole she don’t need no patch She gets her hands dirty both weeding & sowing If it can be planted, in her garden its growing There’s whiskey in the pecan, her pies are the best No others compare so […]

Poor Girl Elitist

Dear food bully, Mama always told me ladies don’t swear. Well, she also told me not to call names & sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. I am sick & tired of being called names because I give a damn about the food I feed my family. I keep hearing “Only those foodie elitists […]

Happy Mother’s Day

I am not a farmer and I am far from what most (including myself) would consider a “Belle” but I have been lured into the Farm Belles world via the world of my sister’s – the true Farm Belles – as a “Behind the Scenes Belle.” I live over a thousand miles away from either […]

Chicks Week 2 through 4

I’m getting a little behind on my chick posting, so I thought I’d group weeks 2 through 4 all together. I can’t believe the chicks are one month old already! Yes, time flies when you’re to busy to stop & check the calendar. At 2 weeks, the chicks are just starting to show signs up […]

Chick Diary Day 1

I got a call from the post office at 7 this morning. The chicks are here! I dropped the kids off at their bus stop, came home to change from pajamas to jeans & drove off into the sunrise to pick up my chicks. I snuck up to the back door of the post office & rang the […]

Trucks are a Farm Girl’s Best Friend

I love my Chevy pick-up the best truck in the land All brown and rust and primer And fifty shades of tan – She’s longer than a semi No parking in the lines So damn moody in the rain Still mine and only mine – My Chevy has a long box and a back seat bench […]

Too Many Cookbooks

  My husband tried to tell me I have too many cookbooks. Well ain’t that the fisherman callin’ the baker crazy? I’ve seen his tackle boxES. I decided, all on my own, with no influence from the hungry fisherman, to actually cook recipes from some of these cookbooks. I told my daughter this idea and […]

Chickie, it’s Hot Out There!

90 degrees in September? In Michigan? If your chicken walks around like this, she’s probably not hurt (which was my first thought). She’s just coolin’ her pits. On hot days like these, make sure your animals have plenty of fresh water! We (by that, I mean my kids) check on them 3 times per day. Our free-range […]