Peachy Cottage Salad

  If you’ve never floated anything but fruit in your Jell-O, you’re missing out on quite an adventure. I found a recipe in my very retro, 1959 Joys of Jell-O cookbook for sliced peaches and cottage cheese in cherry Jell-O. It sounds gross, but it’s a deceptively tasty dessert. It would seem in 1959, you could pack just about anything in […]

Gluten-Free Cookie Makeover

I’ve been cruising Pinterest all morning & now I have Christmas cookies on my brain! They all look so pretty, but I’m not YET in the mood for all that rolling & cutting & decorating. I just want to bake my cookie & eat it too.

Gluten Free Fruit Pizza

I made-up this fruit pizza after discovering my son is terribly intolerant of gluten. I was digging through old cookbooks to find a “crust” recipe that I could adapt as gluten-free. I ended up modifying an old cookie recipe and it worked great.     We had no fresh fruit when I posted the recipe, but […]