corinne Hi, I’m Corinne, the mother hen at Break O’ Day Farm! I live on a small farm in Michigan with my husband and 4 kids. I raise pastured poultry and hogs for customers wanting local, humanely raised meat. Since finding out my son was gluten-intolerant, I’ve decided to offer gluten-free baked goods for other people with gluten sensitivities. All baked goods are made in a gluten free exclusive kitchen with ingredients from Michigan farmers whenever possible. They must also pass the “fly-off-the-plate” test before I sell them at local farmers’ markets in lower Michigan. Follow Break O’ Day Farm on Facebook to find out what farmers’ markets I will be at this week.

I may be the laziest farmer on the planet. I try to delegate the farm duties to my chickens. They are an important part of our pest control. They eat lots of bugs, allowing us to grow fruits & vegetables without chemicals. They free-range, limiting my time pushing a wheelbarrow. If I could just teach them to shut the barn door at night, I’d never have to leave the house.

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