12 Yummy Gluten Free Holiday Breads!



Holidays seem to be the hardest time for anyone eating gluten free, but no worries – I assure you that your meals can still be tasty and full of variety! This collection of 12 Yummy Gluten Free Breads are part of my 144 Gluten Free Mix and Match Holiday Recipe Guide, coming soon…

Recipe Allergy Key:

  • GF = Gluten Free
  • *GF = Original Recipe requires modifications to be Gluten Free – don’t worry I provide the necessary changes!
  • DF = Dairy Free
  • EF = Egg Free
  • SF = Soy Free
  • V = Vegetarian

While I have tried to eliminate or identify all potentially gluten-containing ingredients, I may have missed some. If you are unsure if an ingredient or product contains gluten, please check the label.

I’ve also created a Pinterest board featuring these 12 bread recipes. Enjoy!

1. Gluten Free Cheese Crescent Rolls


photo copyright: Break O’ Day Farm

I gave Great-Grandma’s dinner rolls a gluten-free & cheesy makeover. Refrigerating the dough overnight made it surprisingly easy to handle. GET THE RECIPE

2. Apple Pie Bread

Apple Pie Bread by Pip and Ebby

photo copyright: Pip and Ebby
*GF, SF, V

I’ve made this bread many times using an all-purpose gluten free flour and it has never let me down. Gluten free breads can dry out fast, but the apples keep this bread moist and flavorful. Plus, the crumb topping makes it extra special, perfect for the holidays. GET THE RECIPE

3. Bloomin’ Onion Bread

Bloomin Onion Bread by The Girl Who Ate Everything

photo copyright: The Girl Who Ate Everything
*GF, SF, V

Try this with a 4-pack of Udi’s burger buns. It’s a quick and easy way to get bread on the table – and it just looks cool! GET THE RECIPE

4. Cheesy Garlic Sticks Recipe

Cheesy Garlic Sticks by Six Sisters Stuff

photo copyright: Six Sisters Stuff
*GF, SF, V

This may be the easiest recipe on my list, which helps tremendously when you’re juggling all those courses in one crazy day. Try it with Schar pre-made, gluten-free, pizza crusts and dinner just got even easier!  GET THE RECIPE

5. Gluten Free Brazilian Cheese Buns (Pão de Queijo)

Gluten Free Brazilian Cheese Buns by Marinas Primal Cooking

photo copyright: Marina’s Primal Cooking

Naturally gluten-free and just the right bit of cheesy goodness. Be sure to use real Parmesan, not the stuff in a can. GET THE RECIPE

6. Gluten Free Biscuits made with Baking Mix

Gluten Free Biscuits by King Arthur Baking Mix

photo copyright: King Arthur Flour

Warm biscuits with honey. What more can I say but YUM! GET THE RECIPE

7. Rustic Artisanal No-Knead Bread

Rustic Artisanal No Knead Bread by Annas Table

photo copyright: Anna’s Table
*GF, DF, SF, V

Since gluten-free breads have no gluten to bind the dough, kneading is unnecessary, making it great for a no-knead recipe. Try it with the Kind Arthur bread flour. Anna’s recipe was originally adapted from Jim Lahey’s recipe of the Sullivan Street Bakery in New York. GET THE RECIPE

8.  Easy Naan Bread – Quick No Rise

Easy Naan Bread from Hot to Just About Anything

photo copyright: How To Just About Anything

If your turkey is hogging the whole oven, try this bread that is made on the stovetop. GET THE RECIPE

9. Easy Gluten Free Garlic Cheese Rolls

Easy Gluten Free Garlic Cheese Rolls by Week 99er  

photo copyright: Week 99er

Easy, cheesey and naturally gluten free. Plus, I’m partial to Michigan recipes 😉 GET THE RECIPE

10. Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls from Jo Cooks

photo copyright: Jo Cooks
*GF, SF, V

Oh, I love Hawaiian rolls! They’re so addictive and hard to give-up when going g-free. So far, my favorite gluten-free bread flour is from King Arthur. The mix comes with a yeast packet and includes salt & sugar, so reduce the brown sugar in this recipe to 1/4 cup and eliminate the salt. Use an ice cream scoop to scoop-out the dough & just shape with wet hands. Gluten-free bread is also exempt from the rise-shape-rise rule. Just mix the dough, shape, let rise once & bake. GET THE RECIPE

11. Pumpkin Bread Rolls with Cinnamon Butter

Pumpkin-Bread-Rolls-from Handle the Heat

photo copyright: Handle The Heat

Did you make pies this holiday season, only to have a little scoop of cooked pumpkin leftover? I did too. This is a great recipe for using up that extra pumpkin. While you’re visiting, check out her FREE e-cookbook Favorite Desserts. GET THE RECIPE

12. Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bread (vegan)

Gluten Free Oatmeal Bread from Hope for Healing  

photo copyright: Hope for Healing

Searching for a gluten-free, vegan bread recipe? This is a hearty quick bread that also works well as an everyday bread that can hold-up to toasting. How could it get any better than that? Well, it’s another Michigan recipe. Michigan girls can cook. It’s how we stay warm all winter 🙂 GET THE RECIPE

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