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We eat the food we grow. If it doesn’t sell at the market, it ends up on our table. That’s one reason why we raise our animals without antibiotics, growth hormones or other drugs. It’s healthier for the animals and healthier for you!

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Gluten Free Recipes

Award winning, gourmet and gluten free? Yes, yes and yes! Don't worry, you won't be giving up taste when you give up gluten. All our recipes pass the "fly off the plate" test before being posted.

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Welcome to the Farm!

We have a lot of fun here sharing gluten-free recipes plus stories about chickens & chaos.

Thanks for droppin' by. Come on in, take a tour. Check out what's cookin' in the kitchen. Get decorating ideas for your farmhouse. Or, wander the garden & barnyard.

Please feel free to snoop around and join in the fun! Let me know what you love, what you want to hear about and what questions you have about life on the farm!